Let's Draw Manga: Tokyo-Urban Hip Hop Culture

Pen & Ink
Fast cars, fast women, late nightclubs, hardcore rappers & troubled youth-welcome to the urban world of Hip Hop, Japanese style! Hip Hop has long become a cultural icon that has but recently spilled over American edges and into countries like Japan. Now, LET'S DRAW MANGA takes you behind the scene of Tokyo's trendy subculture with LET'S DRAW MANGA-TOKYO URBAN-HIP HOP CULTURE.Instructed by Japanese street experts and drawn by industry veterans of manga, this valuable instructional guide helps readers depict the fast-pace urban lifestyle of Tokyo, Japan's largest mecca for the Hip Hop subculture it bears by its youth today. Through a series of studied drawings of various character designs, urban environments, city living conditions and youth environment, which are essential elements to creating this unique genre, this book presents to the novice artist step-by-step illustrations and design instructions which ultimately lead up to formulating a short urban story. With focus on creating characters with the hippest hairstyles and latest trends in fashion, down to constructing the various local youth settings, this book makes the perfect reference guide for anyone wanting to draw an urban manga drama!Makoto Nakajima and Big Mouth Factory bring you their second book to their successful LET'S DRAW MANGA series. With their first hit, LET'S DRAW MANGA-ALL ABOUT FIGHTING, LET'S DRAW MANGA-TOKYO URBAN-HIP HOP CULTURE would be the perfect addition to your LET'S DRAW MANGA collection.